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Material Database & Elements List (Periodic Table)

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A complete list/set of Materials and Elements at your finger tips. Contains a complete set of data for each element. There are 22 properties per element and 105 elements all together.

Material Database contains the following materials:
* 155 Alloy Materials to choose from
* 44 Plastic Materials to choose from
* 108 Wood Materials to choose from

These are the properties for Materials:
Name, Young Modulus, Yield, Shear Modulus, UTS, Poisson and Density.

Elements Database contains the following properties:
Material Name, Symbol, Atomic Number, Atomic Weight, Electron Config., Density (Solid), Density (Gas), Density (Liquid), Modulus of Elasticity, Poisson Ratio, Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Phase, Temp. (K), Electrical Resistivity,Melting Temperature,Boiling Temperature, Critical Temperature, Fusion Enthalpy, Vaporization Enthalpy, Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Pressure (Pa)

Version 1.2:

Added Material finishes table and Galvanic Corrosion table.
Fixed minor bugs during switching from elements to materials mode. this causes the application to display incorrect values.

English only

Compatible with iPhone and iPod-Touch
Requires iPhone and iPod-Touch 2.2.1 Software Update